Do you have a music in your life that is absolutely special and precious? You can listen to it when you’re happy, or sad, or sentimental, or even hopeful, totally in love and excited. I do have.  For me it’s Unheilig.neulandI love the music, but it’s not all — the genius lyrics of Unheilig offers an advantage to reflect on important questions, it has a lot of sense  and wisdom.

I’ll never forget my amazement of the first song of Unheilig that I’ve heard,  Geboren Um Zu Leben (Born to live).  It created an indelible impression because I’d never encountered anything so life-asserting, benevolent and pure.

I’d like to incarnate such a world outlook in my everyday life. Appreciate the little things, the warmth and human heart and the value every moment of this short being. Be happy on the path to the desired peak, and never forget who I am.

To a certain extent, I see a similarity between my art and my beloved music: we reveal the same things…

I’ve created a conceptual marine landscape artwork devoted to Unheilig, its name is Neuland (New land). Neuland is a closing instrumental song from Große Freiheit album.

For me it’s a story about adventure, passion, and determination; the readiness to find yourself face to face with life, exploring the big world with no guarantee, but being free and spontaneous. There is so much to see!

This voyage may be dangerous sometimes, but it’s necessary for human’s evolution and broadening of the mind. We have allies: compasses, maps, guiding stars and a lighthouse that illuminates the way when hope is almost gone.

I believe the lighthouse is a symbol of loyalty and integrity. They’re the only real conditions of finding your way back home — with new wisdom and experience.

This black and white ink artwork is fulfilled with ink liners 0.03 — 0.2, A3 size of paper. Line/dotwork. 2015 year.

Bonus: process + result photos. There is some kind of magic in photographed, not scanned, art.lighthouse-wiplighthouse-finished

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