Inspired By Music

This artwork is very emotional, expressive and inspired by music. I’ve drawn it after the OOMPH! concert in Minsk that had taken place in October 2015.


My love to OOMPH! lasts for 12 years now. I’ve waited for their concert for a long time, and was extremely excited to know about their visit to Belarus. Probably I’ve bought one of the first available tickets 🙂

The concert itself was like a waking dream. It was intense, stunning and sexy. Experiencing this closeness to the musicians and submergence into the beloved music are the things that I just can’t express verbally.

The idea for this drawing appeared instantly. I wanted to picture a girl that is completely lost in the sound. She is fascinated with the music so much that she’s ready to give herself to this mystery play. Nothing else matters now; neither time nor place. Only the music and LOVE.


I wanted to imprint this moment of pure joy and delight in my mind, an instant when the reality diffuses and time stands still. The precious memory that I recall from time to time…

The artwork contains a great number of details, allusions, and symbols. I used the thinnest ink liners (0.03 — 0.2) to convey this abundance.

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