Phoenix is a mythical bird, a sign of rebirth. It’s associated with the ability to burn itself and then rise from the ashes.

This symbol is close to all the people who experienced a crash of the old life and a beginning of the new one. You burn bridges – and become free. fenix-lowerres

Any considerable change in life has a tinge of sadness. We take it for granted – as it is –  and go on, to the new challenges and turning points… The only constant is change.

It is another artwork inspired by Unheilig (the song “Phoenix”). Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring music – it gave me strength to go through the darkest times and rise from ashes over and over again. “Wie ein Phönix will ich sein…”

The fragments:2 4 The artwork is large-sized, it’s close to the A2 paper format. I used only thin ink liners (0.03 – 0.2) to create it, that’s why it’s so refined, abounding in details 🙂3Feathers are such a great objects to draw! They are very dynamic and textural. 5 6

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