Still life

Still life: fruits and vegetables as living things.

I was very inspired with the idea of this project, because it gave me almost absolute freedom in choosing the «characters» and the topic in the context of edible nature. It was a challenge too — my goal was to reveal the personality of ordinary objects (but we, artists, know that they are ordinary only at first sight 😉 ). This project is also some kind of transition from pure dark art and gothic themes to something more neutral and living.

The choice of technique is clear — ink / ink lines is a great incomparable artistic tool when it comes to creating intricately detailed drawings and complex textures.

Let’s have a look at the results!

  1.  Luxury Of Autumn Textures

This snail knows everything about the benefit of vitamins!  Grapes, tangerine, peach, pomegranate and walnuts are very good for health and cheerful mood.


Work in progress photo:


2. Plentiful Supplies

Tasty (and healthy!) vegetables, such as pumpkin and pepper, mushrooms, garlic, and gorgeous autumnal flowers headed by sunflower.

2-bigger-preview Bonus photo: the beginning of the work.

second-still-life-process3. The Aroma Of Summer Morning

Tangerine pleasure with the taste of fresh coffee 🙂 Decorative composition with rich peonies, apple blossom, lilac, coffee beans, cinnamon, and chocolate.3-bigger-preview

The artworks are fulfilled with ink liners 0.1 — 0.5 on coated paper.

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