The November Symbol

This project was inspired by the Slowvember challenge. I liked the idea of creating something meaningful, big, worth putting into the portfolio 🙂

As this challenge was held in November, I was looking for the nearby ideas, reflecting the point where I was in my creative journey, and visualizing the closeness of New 2018th year.

The Idea

I’ve chosen a snail as a symbol because: a) it is really slow, b) snails are amazing examples of natural textures – I adore them.

Another hidden reason was that I associated myself with a snail that year. In 2017, I was quite slow in creating new art, and focused on teaching and working on my personal things – self-improvement, searching for valuable answers, getting used to a new way of living.

I believe the speed of moving towards your goals is not that important; what is much more influential is the right direction and consistency.

Fast is slowly, but constantly 🙂

So my snail is moving towards the new year, pulling a big sack of plans and ideas that are waiting for realization. They are fulfilling as the road goes further 🙂

The fir trees are covered with snow it’s frosty, but the snail is warm and comfy.

The road is topped with coffee – you can see the small bubbles if you look closely. Some people say that coffee is a symbol of a forced life, but I don’t share this opinion… Cofee is a symbol of enjoyment, life’s intensity.

There are other symbols in the artwork: a pumpkin, candles, decorative window in the shell, a broomstick. Some combinations of objects may seem strange, but, as I feel, this is just adding to the fantastic look and perception.

The Process of Drawing

The preparational part

I started with the choice of the objects that I wanted to include and the general composition (the miniatures).

Then I wrote a list of textures for this artwork and made some samples (the snail’s shell and body, coffee, the cloth, etc.)

At this step, I also sketched a graphite underdrawing.

The inking part

Below you can have a look at the inking process.

The main artistic focus was on the realistic textures, details, and clear contrast. I wanted the drawing look appealing, very graphic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the finished version:

Then I scanned and edited the artwork, removed all the unnecessary pencil marks. So it was officially complete! 🙂

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