Totem is another big artwork I’ve created at the end of the 2015 year. That’s my tribute to the ancient pagan beliefs, polytheism, and the collective unconscious.

Every human is a complex system with its past and present. We become aware of a very little amount of processes that happen in our minds and bodies, and sometimes our behavior, thoughts, and feelings are dictated by something we can’t even notice, let alone explain or alter.totemStriving for the protection is an ancient human instinct. We always aspire for stability and comfort, some of us more, some less. Changes and novelty are the things our brain is trying to avoid.1My Totem is a personification of a human being, its conflicting mind with all the counterweights and oppositions. It’s our compass and landmark in this varying world; we confide in the power of the intellect but at the same time suffer from it, because there are some questions we still can’t answer and occurrences without clear explanation.

Mind is a modern totem.2The artwork is fulfilled with ink liners 0.03 — 0.2, the size of paper is similar to A2.3


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